JetBlue Pet Travel Guide

JetBlue Airlines warmly welcomes dogs and cats weighing under 20 pounds to join you in the cabin for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Before you and your pet take to the skies, here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth travel experience:

jetblue pet policy

Travel and Entry Requirements

  • JetBlue Pet vaccination, documentation, and entry requirements vary by destination. Check the specific regulations for each stop on your itinerary well in advance.
  • For international travel, be aware of varying restrictions, requirements, and documentation for dogs, cats, and service animals based on origin, destination, booking date, and travel date.
  • U.S. entry requirements for pets differ based on their country of origin, and non-compliance may lead to complications upon arrival, even refusal.

Bringing Your JetBlue Pet Onboard

  • JetBlue Pet accommodates small dogs and cats only. Large dogs are not accepted, and unaccompanied minors cannot travel with a pet.
  • Your pet’s total weight in the carrier cannot be more than twenty pounds.
  • Your pet and the approved carrier count as one personal item, fitting conveniently under the seat before you.
  • Purchase a pet carrier at the JFK T5 ticket counter, ensuring it meets size limits. Only one pet is allowed per carrier, and they must be comfortable when closed.
  • Pets must remain inside the carrier both at the airport and during the flight.
  • Traveling with a Blue Basic fare? While carry-on bags are not allowed, you can bring a personal item along with the pet carrier.

How to Book Your Pet’s Journey

Booking your pet’s travel with JetBlue is a straightforward process, whether online or offline. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Online Booking:

  • Use the JetBlue app or go to the airline’s official website.
  • Input your flight details, including the origin, destination, and travel dates.
  • Click on “Search Flights” and select your preferred class (Economy, Business, or First Class).
  • Proceed to checkout, providing passenger details and selecting “Seats and Extras.”
  • Add extra baggage if needed and include your pet in the booking.
  • Review your booking and make the payment. Use the JetBlue app or go to the airline’s official website.

Offline/Phone Booking:

  • Dial JetBlue pet booking phone number at +1-800-538-2583.
  • Connect with a live person and request to add your pet to the booking.
  • Provide all necessary pet details following JetBlue’s travel policy.
  • After selecting a payment option, finish your reservation.

At the Airport – Final Preparations

  • If you’ve already paid the pet fee and obtained your pet’s SSR code, you can check in 24 hours before your flight online, via the JetBlue app, or at an airport kiosk.
  • For international travel with a dog over 12 weeks, have a valid rabies vaccination certificate.
  • After check-in, visit a full-service counter or speak with a JetBlue crewmember in the self-service lobby to get your special JetPaws® bag tag.
  • At the security checkpoint, follow procedures for x-raying the pet carrier. Pets are allowed in the TSA Pre✓® line with approved travelers.
  • Remember, your pet and carrier count as one personal item and must remain inside the carrier during the flight.
  • During takeoff, landing, and taxi, ensure your pet remains securely inside the carrier under the seat.
  • For added convenience, consider checking or gate-checking a pet stroller if you have one.
  • If your pet needs a bathroom break and there’s no post-security pet relief area, be prepared to exit the airport and return through security.

JetBlue Pet Travel Checklist – Pack for a Pawsome Journey

Ensure a seamless trip for your furry friend with the following checklist:

  • Necessary vaccinations and documentation.
  • ID tags and pet license.
  • FAA-approved pet carrier (dimensions: 17″ L x 12.5″ W x 8.5″ H).
  • Pet treats, chews, and a favorite toy with your scent.
  • Pet supplies for the journey.
  • A pre-flight workout for your pet to help them acclimate.

Why Pets (and Their People) Love JetBlue

JetBlue’s commitment to bringing humanity back to air travel extends to its four-legged passengers:

  • Ample legroom in coach, making it easy to slide the pet carrier under the seat.
  • Upgrade to an Even More® Space seat for extra legroom, early boarding, and expedited security lane access.
  • JetBlue TrueBlue members earn 300 extra points for booking pet travel.

JetBlue Pet Size and Quantity Regulations

  • JetBlue only accepts small dogs, with no accommodation for large dogs. The carrier’s dimensions must not exceed 17″ L x 12.5″ W x 8.5″ H.
  • Your pet’s total weight in the carrier cannot be more than twenty pounds.
  • No dogs or cats are transported in cargo.
  • Each passenger is permitted to bring up to two pets in carriers. A second seat and pet fee are required for a second pet.

Cost of Flying with a Pet

  • The pet fee is $125 each way and can be added during booking or in Manage Trips.
  • As only six pets are allowed on each flight, booking early is recommended.

JetBlue Pet Simplified Steps

  • Booking your pet’s journey with JetBlue is a breeze. You can do it online via jetblue.com or the JetBlue app, or reach out to the airline directly.
  • Please remember that only small dogs and cats can join you on your JetBlue journey. They must cozy up in the Core cabin within an FAA-approved pet carrier, fitting perfectly under the seat.
  • For the convenience of pet owners, JetBlue offers a reasonable pet fee of $125 each way, easily added in the Extras section during the booking process.
  • JetBlue allows pets, with a limit of two pets per carrier for up to two people. If you’re considering bringing a second furry companion, be aware of the extra fee and the need for an additional seat.
  • As there’s a limit of six pets per flight, it’s a wise move to secure your booking well in advance.
  • A friendly reminder that pets, as much as we adore them, are not permitted in the luxurious Mint class.
  • Opting for a window or aisle seat is recommended. Keep in mind that certain seats, like exit rows, bulkhead seats, and those restricted for under-seat storage, won’t be assigned if you’re traveling with a pet.
  • It’s essential to note that pets are not accepted on interline or codeshare bookings, regardless of where or how the booking was made. Additionally, unaccompanied minors cannot travel with a pet.

A Pre-flight Checklist for a Purrfect Journey

  • Preparing for your pet’s journey is a breeze with this checklist:
  • Necessary vaccinations and documentation.
  • ID tags and a valid pet license.
  • FAA-approved pet carrier, ensuring it doesn’t exceed 17″ L x 12.5″ W x 8.5″ H, with both the carrier and pet weighing 20 pounds or less.
  • Pet treats and chews, as pets’ ears can pop during the flight.
  • Your pet’s favorite toy carries your scent.
  • Essential pet supplies for the journey.
  • A pre-flight workout for your pet to help them acclimate to their surroundings and ensure a restful flight.

Why Pets (and Their People) Adore JetBlue

  • JetBlue understands the joy that comes from happy furbabies. The commitment to bringing humanity back to air travel extends to our four-legged companions:
  • With the most legroom in coach, JetBlue makes it easy to slide your pet’s carrier under the seat, leaving room for your legs.
  • For an even more comfortable journey, consider upgrading to an Even More® Space seat, offering up to 7” more legroom, early boarding, and expedited security lane access in select airports.
  • Depending on the aircraft, select a seat in the first few rows for early on/off-boarding. If you’re traveling on a Blue Basic fare, combining it with an Even More Space seat also allows for a carry-on bag.

Ensuring a Smooth and Enjoyable Journey – Additional Insights

  • Once you’ve booked your pet’s travel and familiarized yourself with JetBlue’s policies, consider these additional insights for a seamless experience:
  • If you love to spoil your pet, bear in mind that they’re not permitted in the Mint cabin.
  • Opt for a window or aisle seat for added comfort during the journey.
  • Note that pets are not accepted on interline or codeshare bookings, irrespective of where or how the booking was made.
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to travel with a pet for safety reasons.
  • For JetBlue TrueBlue members, an extra perk awaits. Earn an additional 300 points for booking pet travel alongside your flight reservation, adding a bonus to your loyalty rewards.

Special Considerations for Different Types of Animals

  • JetBlue acknowledges the unique needs of various types of animals:
  • Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) can travel free of charge if they meet JetBlue’s specific requirements.
  • Small dogs, cats, and miniature horses are welcome on board.
  • For service dogs, keep them on a leash at the airport and throughout the flight. Submit all necessary documents at least 48 hours before your departure.
  • Large service dogs may require reserving a second seat for additional space, adhering to JetBlue’s large dog policy.
  • If you’re flying with a Therapy Dog, submit the DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form, and ensure proper training and vaccination.

Navigating JetBlue’s Mint Seat Policy

  • Mint seats on JetBlue come with certain restrictions regarding pets:
  • Mint seat pet policy requires placing the carrier under the seat in front of you.
  • Pets are not allowed on Mint seats, emergency exit rows, or seats restricted for storage space.
  • The flat-lie feature of Mint seats doesn’t provide sufficient space for a pet carrier below the seat.

Booking Options and Customer Support

  • Booking options for your pet’s travel with JetBlue include online and offline methods:
  • You can easily finalize your bookings online through the official website or app, offering a convenient and user-friendly process.
  • For offline bookings, contact JetBlue’s customer support at +1-800-538-2583, where a live person can assist in adding your pet to the reservation.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Travel Policy Overview

  • Summing up, JetBlue’s pet travel policy encompasses a range of considerations tailored to different pets and their owners:
  • The airline provides extra care, ensuring priority boarding and additional comfort for your four-legged companions.
  • For JetBlue Basic ticket fare passengers, spacious seats and the allowance of a carry-on bag contribute to a more relaxed journey.

Feel free to contact them for any assistance you might need for Flight Expert Support.

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